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TruthAction2.5 billion people have never heard about Christ... TruthAction plans to reach the children. Reach a child... reach a family... and reach a people!

A non-profit ministry working with missionaries and Bible translators to reach the unreached and remote peoples of the world with Gospel materials in their language and culture. TruthAction seeks to carefully create these materials with the detailed input of native missionaries and pastors for use with their own people, which can be crucial to the acceptance of the Gospel in that particular culture. TruthAction also works closely with the Body of Christ to produce and provide these resources to the missionaries at no cost whenever possible.

Winter 2014- The Shangaan of South Africa and The Maasai of Kenya
More Gospel booklets and teaching kits are going to the Shangaan/Tsonga people of South Africa. The missionary ...
When you see the faces you'll know what TruthAction is all about! Watch the YouTube Video of TruthAction Reaching the World- click link at top of the page.
12 min. YouTube video with music showing the growth of TruthAction's ministry since 2003. From a teaching ministry ...
Why TruthAction?
Imagine that you have never seen a book in English before and that someone handed you a little ...

Central & South AmericaCentral & South America
Mayan boy receiving his own "Greatest Story Ever."

This picture reflects how these custom Gospel booklets appeal to the adults as well as the children in ...




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